Frequently Ask Questions

Lot Drives - when a vehicle will drive around a parking lot, but cannot be driven on public highways and roads until all the repairs are complete.

Good Airbags - The airbags have not been deployed, after an accident has occurred.

Rollover - when a vehicle has rolled over heavily and damaged sides, posts, roof and little glass remains.

Light Rollover - when a vehicle has probably rolled over slowly or in grass or mud and has some good glass panels and minor or no post damage.

Recovered Theft - when a vehicle was totaled by insurance company for missing pieces and sometimes damage.

Drive Home / Ready To Go - when a vehicle is roadworthy but possibly still damaged slightly.

Recovered Theft - when a vehicle has been stolen and recovered with parts missing (these are not accident vehicles).

Fire Damage - when a vehicle has been damaged to fire to any of the major components of a vehicle.

Yes. We sell both clean and rebuildable salvage title vehicles.The clean titled vehicles are usually not damaged or have very little damaged. All our rebuildable cars, trucks, s.u.v.'s and minivans possess a SALVAGE TITLES as proof of ownership. Please check with your local department of motor vehicles to see if these salvage vehicles can be re-titled in your home state before you make any decisions to purchase a vehicle from our company.
We have delivery available through our contracted carriers. Please call and we can arrange delivery at great savings for our customers.
YES! We can locate and we stock used auto parts in our facility.
These are usually automobiles that have sustained minimal damages, and have not been deemed a total loss by the state and the insurance company. Almost 80 percent of our clean titled vehicles are still under manufacturers warranty, and have a clean CarFax history with no accident record.
This is when an insurance company obtains a vehicle due to a claim, here the State issues a salvage title. About 90% of the time these cars are repairable, and then subject to a Department of Motor Vehicle salvage inspection, after they have been repaired. The insurance adjuster usually determines these vehicles title's status. Generally these vehicles are not damaged any worse than our clean titled vehicles. In our opinion it is just a matter of paper work.
The major reason for purchasing a rebuildable vehicle is price and cost of ownership. A rebuildable car is discounted for much more than the cost of repairs. Repaired cars are often sold two to three years after purchase for near the original investment.
The amount or percentage of savings depends on the type of car and the model year, but is usually substantial. Of course, repair costs and quality must be considered carefully and factored into the total cost prior to the purchase. The person or company repairing the vehicle should always carefully estimate the repairs prior to the actual purchase. Customers usually obtain two or three estimates when they will not be the one to repair a vehicle being purchased.
Most purchasers are repair shops, brokers, and individuals in the northeastern U.S. Some vehicles are sold in other areas of the U.S. and internationally when the price level of the repaired car will justify shipping costs.
Body shops and garages can fix most rebuildable cars. In some cases, individuals fix their own cars, especially if there is no structural damage to consider during the repair process.
Most of our rebuildable cars are purchased from insurance companies and salvage auctions nationwide. Some cars are purchased from automotive dealers, shops, and directly from individuals. In all cases, we are looking for vehicles that were in above average to excellent condition prior to casualty loss and will provide good value for our customers.
When properly fixed by an experienced repair facility, rebuildable cars are as safe as other cars on the road, which have not been repaired.
We do not provide repair estimates - our advice is to show images of the car to the person who would normally repair a car for you. If the repairer wants to speak to us directly, we'll gladly try to help answering any enquiry.
Amazingly, some people think that we must get a delivery of cars on a certain day, say Tuesday morning as an example. This is totally incorrect! We are contacted directly to several major Insurance companies, which allow us to pass the savings on to you! This means that there is a steady flow of vehicles coming more or less all the time.
Please note: All rebuildable vehicles are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, with no warranty, expressed or implied by Alpine Auto Gallery llc... except as to ownership of the vehicle and the information we have about the vehicle from the title and insurance company. Please inspect the vehicles carefully before you finalize your purchase. We strive to be as accurate as possible about the description of the damage to our rebuildable vehicles. To avoid any inconvenience, please contact Alpine Auto Gallery llc. to verify the accuracy of the information on this website. Alpine Auto Gallery llc. expressly disclaim any and all liability for typographical errors, mistakes, or miss-prints